When Coronavirus struck the UK and caused the cancellation of the English Premier League, many footballers cozied up in their luxurious mansions patiently waiting for the resumption of the league. However, one young man by the name of Marcus Rashford saw injustice and spoke out.

For those of you who are unaware of the tremendous work that Marcus Rashford did and is still continuing to do, when the UK went into lockdown children were forced to learn remotely. However, behind the scenes the UK government had decided to strip away the free school meals that they had provided for those from low income backgrounds. Rashford, saw this injustice and started a campaign with FareShare which raised approximately £20,000,000 which allowed for 1,300,000 pupils to be fed. This eventually led to the UK government’s reversal on their decision. Whilst this seemed to be the end of the charge for Marcus Rashford and his fight for free school meals, it was not. In December of 2020, the government was once again put on full blast when instead of providing school meals worth £30 for the whole week they simply provided a bundle of food worth approximately £5. Marcus saw this and took it once again to the government in a series of tweets demanding that those responsible take action and responsibility.

Over these past 8 1/2 months, Marcus Rashford has not only shown athletes how they should use their platform to speak out on injustices but also how us as ordinary citizens should. I, for one believe that Rashford is a national hero and should be an inspiration for all of us.

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